Smog Checks are not always fun, especially when your car FAILS the Smog Check. So, to improve your chances of PASSING, here’s a few tips:

  1. When your “check engine” or “service soon light” or “small  engine” appears in your dashboard, do not bring it for a smog check because this is an automatic failure. Instead, take it to a smog and repair station or dealer to find out what is wrong with your vehicle.
  2. If your battery has been replaced, you have had problems with it, or if you disconnected the battery for any reason,  do not bring it for a smog check.  This causes the information that is in your onboard computer to not be complete also known as “monitors”,  which will cause your vehicle to fail. Instead, contact your  technician or dealer for more information.
  3. When your vehicle fails for  ” incomplete monitors”, contact your technician or dealer to find out how to pass this part of  the test because every vehicle takes different conditions and miles to be ready .